Hi, I am Leah Wells, also known as Soundgirl.

After working in corporate for many years, my love for music inspired me to go to audio school to learn audio engineering. After spending many days and nights in a recording school creating artistic sounds, I found a new passion for photography and decided to indulge in the capturing of artistic sights. A few years later, Soundgirl Photography was born.

Why should you use Soundgirl?

There are events in life that only happen once. Time will pass, babies will grow up, and memories of important moments becomes invaluable. Every once in a while we stop for a moment and realize how quickly time is passing, how fast our children are growing, and we just wish we could freeze time to enjoy it a little bit longer. I believe that having a good photographer is key to preserving these moments. I love what I do but even more than that I love seeing people on some of the happiest and momentous occasions in their lives. I love being able to capture a family who wants a visual of the love they share with one another.

Email: info@soundgirlphotography.com or Phone: 856 313-9897